Warranty Conditions

1. The damaged or defective product should be delivered to us, in accordance with the return conditions, without delay and at the same time , an e-mail should be sent to info@maleindustry.com stating the damage or defect in the product and containing the order number.

2. Products delivered to us are evaluated together with the disclosure email sent to info@maleindustry.com .

3. The submitted products are examined and prepare an inspection report on whether the damage or malfunction is caused by production or customer use. 4. As a result of the report, the products determined to be damaged or malfunctioning from the production are repaired or replaced with a new one within the warranty period determined by the related company.

5. As a result of the report, the products determined to be damaged or malfunction caused by the use of the customer are not covered by the warranty.

6. The stains that can be formed on the shoes that cannot be removed due to excessive sweating of the foot are not production errors.

7. The sun can cause discoloration of the skin on the shoes.

8. Sweating feet and snow can make spots that cannot be removed by causing salting on the skin.

9. There may be differences in the colors of the right and left side of the same shoe in shoes that use cowhide leather and which do not process the skin to prevent the natural appearance of the skin. This is characteristic of the skin; it is not an error.

10. When walking or sitting, the soles can damage the skin due to rubbing the shoes together; it may even paint the leather in light colored shoes from time to time. It is not normal for shoes to rub against each other in walking physiology. Wear or dyeing arising from such habits are out of warranty.

11. Friction, impact, etc. causes are not considered as manufacturing errors.

12. Used products, albeit short term, are not changed.

13. Damages or malfunctions in shoes that are not used in accordance with the instructions for use of the shoes are not covered by the warranty.


1. Your shoe should be in a suitable size for your foot. Shoes that are small to the foot cause problems such as early deformation and rupture of the lining.

2. The sweat absorbed by the shoes evaporates in 24 hours. For this reason, wearing your shoes with an interval of 2 days provides a longer usage opportunity.

3. Wet and damp shoes should be dried at room temperature and with a newspaper filled, not under the heating and the sun.

4. The shoe should be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth when it is muddy or dirty.